Exclusive Rights and Ownership Agreement:

By participating in this contest YOU give consent to providing Creative Attribute the full right to use the Character(s) drawn for the fan art contest. Creative Attribute owns and retains all proprietary rights over the Character(s) and the final product. Creative Attribute may or may not use the Character(s) and holds all rights to do so.


RIGHTS GRANTS: Pursuant to this exclusive agreement, Creative Attribute is hereby granted the worldwide, exclusive, transferable, un-restricted right to use the Character(s). Rights included in this agreement include unlimited profit and distribution of the Character(s). Creative Attribute is granted unlimited distribution, reproduction, performance, video, online, and radio rights under this Agreement. Creative Attribute understands that the rights that are being granted in this Agreement are exclusive and that YOU will have no authority and no rights to grant other parties the right to use the Character(s) in whole or in part. YOU will not monetize the Character(s), but can post them online as part of YOUR portfolio.

RESTRICTIONS: Notwithstanding the exclusive license granted herein, YOU hereby acknowledge and agree that Creative Attribute will have no restrictions to record, reproduce, distribute, license, duplicate, rearrange, re-assign, broadcast, collect royalties, copyright or any other related business dealings.

OWNERSHIP: YOU understand that, Creative Attribute holds sole copyright and ownership of the Character(s).

DISPUTE: In the event there is a dispute related to this Agreement. YOU acknowledge and agree that it has purposefully availed itself of the jurisdiction of the Ontario, Canada courts and that any dispute shall be determined and decided by applying Ontario, Canada choice of law without any additional inquiry concerning choice of law. Additionally, YOU consents to the exclusive venue of the Ontario, Canada and federal courts in connection with any dispute arising from or related to this Agreement.